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Resort cities that have a healing component have been around for a very long time. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed there was therapeutic benefit to bathing in near natural hot springs in a bath of minerals , salts and herbal infusions.Though spas and bathhouses can play a role in the wellness component we believe we can do much more.

What if we can remake the ideal city into a wellness city with technology that could be used in both highly urbanized areas, suburbia, and or rural landscapes. We could integrate suppressed and under utilized healing technology at a city wide level associated with scalar, light, vibration, and sound; as well as implementing systems that lower the risk of damage damage to DNA and even age reversal tech and spiritual tech to enhance psychic powers or communication with deceased loved ones. We can design monetary systems which allow levels of human greed to continue exist in order to encourage ingenuity and creativity. Create a system that keeps government control under check and even encourages governments to work with businesses and people in a cooperative partnership relationship. Create a system that ensures the elimination of poverty and scarcity so that all people can thrive.

Core Components:

1. Self-sustainable hydroponic food greenhouses, GMO free, robotic work force, providing free food for all occupants.
2. Slipstream quantum communication technology, allowing for cell phone and internet transmission wirelessly , instantly anywhere in the universe, and interdimensionally that cannot be wire tapped by the govt and does not give off any harmful radiation or requiring any ugly cell phone towers.
3. Magrev, QEG or other types of free energy over unity device empowering the emergence of a Class I civilization.
4. Giant glass or scalar wave domes which moderate the climate of the cities and or recreational areas keeping them a comfortable 76f (24c) degrees year round.
5.  Creation of a annuity at birth for all citizens that pays a right to thrive dividend; providing cash flow payments in perpetuity that serve to eliminate poverty , hunger, and starvation.
6. Creation of a joint citizen and government owned entrepreneur bank that provides interest-free loans to empower local entrepreneurship, creativity, and ingenuity. The proceeds of the bank’s revenues will fund all govt activity, taxation retirement, and the right to thrive annuities.
7. Integration of Searle anti-gravity generators or Hyperloop transit systems to eliminate traffic, congestion, and provide fast and efficient transport.
8. Implementation of neurophone and holographics into the education system to provide higher quality learning that is faster and more efficient so that children can spend more time being creative and develop critical thinking skills.
9. Funding of animal sanctuaries and banning the slaughter of unwanted animals.
10. Integration of robotics into all walks of life to eliminate jobs that no one wants to perform.
11. Implementing components of Jacques Fresco’s Venus Project philosophy of cybernetic governance to eliminate corruption, streamlining transit systems, and developmental corridors.

Wellness Technologies:

1. Antoine Priore Bordeaux Machine – Age reserves Cells
2. Fred Bell X1-Healing Machine – Instead of a few weeks’ cells takes a few minutes to heal.
3. Infrared sauna systems – Infrared healing for cells.
4. Scalar Healing Prototypes – Scalar Technology releases PTSD trauma
5. Consciousness Frequencies – Sound integrated with crystals and light
6. Tachyon Healing Chamber – Subatomic Particles accelerate spiritual growth
7. Fractal Water Systems – Water vortex systems to enhance plant and spiritual growth
8. Inert Gases – For age reversing technologies
9. Neurophone– For telepathic meditation enhancement
10. Meditation Rooms and consciousness technology – Enhancing the relaxation experience.
11. Holographic Projection Teams – Holographic projections of a police safety officer on every corner
12. Laser Healing Technologies – Laser and Crystal frequencies for DNA restoration
13. Radionics – Vibrational healing
14. Acoustic Meridian Intelligence – Sound therapy to integrate the body’s meridians
15. Spectro-Chrome – Light frequencies for healing
16. Biophysical Harmonics of Rodin Torus Coil– Vortex Mathematics for regeneration of brain tissue
17. Rife Technologies – noninvasive frequencies to eliminate pathogens and parasites
18. Dolphin Assistance Therapy – Dolphins ultrasonics enhances intelligence and brainwave activity
19. Hanator – Consciousness enhancement generator

Possible Locations Include:

1. Temecula, California, USA $200 Billion
2. Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA $266 Billion
3. Uvita, Costa Rica $200 Billion
4. Davao City, Philippines $200 Billion
5. Northern rim of Peary crater, close to the north pole, Moon $1.2 Trillion

city of light

city of light3

City Of Light, CA $200 Billion

Dubbed the City of Light, CA we will immediately put a ban on all new developments and property taxation for its 100,000 citizens. The city will enforce a unique set of zoning laws; first of all, a commission would ensure all buildings conformed to sacred geometry and a dome or pyramid look or at minimum smooth shaped interior walls. There are many benefits of having a dome; including increased efficiency and more harmonious environment for its occupants. The reason we don’t see more domes is because traditional banks refuse to finance dome construction.

So the city would need its own city bank with initial capitalization of $20 billion and fractionally creating 10 times more money or $200 Billion of 0% loans for city development and new businesses; bank ownership 50% original creditor and 50% citizens. The bank may use a digital currency which can be accessed using a smart phone app.

It would cost about $11.8b to purchase the land and incorporate the City of Light then $500m to relocate and raze the area to virgin land for the redevelopment. $60b would be spent to develop recreational centers, transit corridors, hospitals, virtual reality universities and schools, and government centers. All expenses would be funded from the bank. Note it costs typically $1b to $5b to build just one mega complex. Roads will have LED lights to direct traffic and laid out in accordance with sacred geometry. Solar energy will be encouraged until the advent of free energy, which encourages the use of electric vehicles to cut down pollution. Street lights could be infused with holographic projections containing healing frequencies.  25% of the land can be set aside for beautiful lakeside gardens. Much of the courts and government could be automated with cybernetic artificial intelligence systems.

To drive commerce into the city a $19.7b Hyperloop network will cross the area speeding commute times, and the city would encourage the development of other light worker projects such as the $8b Pantasia Resort which will shine as a beacon in the valley floor. Then set aside $20b to replicate the city bank model in another location.

An $80b business incubator fund will be made available for anyone who has a great business idea and chooses to be a resident of the city. All loans are offered interest free in exchange for a portion of the underlying asset.  The incubator fund is expected to earn dividends of 1% and 7% portfolio growth. A portion of these dividends will go back to the citizens and another portion will fund city government operational costs, thus eliminating the need for property taxation. 8% growth rate is comfortable due to no property tax and how the city and businesses work together instead of fighting each other like the current model all over the planet. These loans would require ownership of a portion of the underlying asset as collateral similar to Islamic gold banking minus the sharia laws, and loans will only be distributed to residents and businesses of the city for development within the region and not Wall Street or offshoring. A model like this was done in the state of North Dakota; despite its horrible climate they are one of only two states in the US that has no debt and a booming economy.  After its completion in nine years, expect an astronomical 78.3% annualized ROI on initial capitalization. This is the power of fractional reserve lending when it’s used the right way.

Though some areas will be highly urbanized large areas will be reserved for parks and recreational facilities to service the new leisure Class I civilization lifestyle.
The zero tax rate and abundance of 0% percent interest loans, businesses are booming and there are plenty of high paying jobs.

To become a citizen an individual would be required to move a new business into the city for an upfront fee or create a business plan for submittal to a citizen elected advisory committee. The committee will select the best business plans and if approved the entrepreneur will be given access to funding and a private membership association granting them one share of the city bank that cannot be transferred or sold. These dividends can be applied to cover housing, hospital care, higher education, or placed on an EBT card to purchase food.  Property taxes would be banned according to the charter bylaw. Those who are not accepted for business loans can still move into the city but would be required to pay a membership fee in exchange for a share of the bank which will be returned if the citizen decides to leave. This membership fee is deposited in the bank and used to create more business loans to fund further growth. We would also like the city bank to act as proxy for its citizens and responsible for paying all relevant state sales and federal income tax so that businesses and citizens will not have to waste resources on tax compliance.

Free housing could be provided in exchange for a waiver of city dividends until housing unit was paid in full. Individuals who take on the free housing option would need to seek employment to pay living expenses but luckily due to the zero tax rate and abundance of 0% percent interest loans, businesses are booming and there are plenty of high paying jobs. Soon millions of entrepreneurs will be flocking to work in giant garden skyscrapers with a sci-fi space-age look. And everyone will have money. Imagine a place like this built in the middle of Los Angeles where everyone can see there is a better way to live. Because this is on the same ley line as Burbank and Hollywood the energetics of the city will raise the consciousness of the film industry which will raise the consciousness of the world.

The city and bank will generate its revenues from invested business that pay annuals dividends of 1%.  The area will attract thousands of jobs from business relocating in the area escaping oppressive tax rates of other municipalities, as well as the real estate bonanza which will be bid up higher and higher in value. We estimate a $108 billion portfolio will yield the dividends of $1.08b, but this is split 50% with business owners and 50% back to the city.  To create an incentive to draw out dividends business owners will be expected to hold their money in the bank for a year earning 15% interest. This will be used to create $5.4b (-$620m to pay back dividend) loans annually. The city will receive $540m and require $300m in operational costs. This will create a positive cash flow of $240m of which 50% will be sent to the banks investors, and 50% returned to the residents as a dividend to eliminate poverty.

Connecting directly into the city is a $120 million dollar station for the Hyperloop. This ultra-high speed train travels at speeds of up to 800mph (1287kph) averaging at 580mph (933kph) powered by solar energy.  Funding this project would ensure a steady supply of tourists into Pantasia, the City of Light, and drive up economic activity for the lower and middle classes by reducing travel time and reducing the cost of living in CA.  Emerging technologies such as teleportation would not make the Hyperloop obsolete as many would still like to ride one simply for pleasure and sightseeing.

city of light VB






East Corridor – Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA 

We will develop a 24,000 acre wellness city near Virginia Beach, VA including Nevana Hotel, Boardwalk, holographic gardens, and shopping complex. Situated near a major hyper loop network station, a population of 142 million people will now be within a four hour hyperloop ride away of this centrally located wellness city near Virginia Beach, VA. The area has access to beautiful beaches, and a mild winter could further be negated with biodome construction and or scalar domes. A city owned bank will provide enough positive cash flow so the area can remain a tax free zone which supports entrepreneurship like never before seen in the United States since the great industrial expansion. More details to be announced.

Money will be abundant and plentiful dissolving socioeconomic classes and eliminating the need of a 40 hour work week.
Cybernetic city governance will automate many functions of our lives; reduce corruption and a growing police state.

city of light uvita


Uvita, Costa Rica $200 Billion

Centered in the city of Uvita, Costa Rica, Uvita Wellness City, will issue new zoning rules requiring sacred geometry architecture, healing technologies in all public spaces, and conformity with the natural environment.

Uvita Regional Development Bank is tasked with driving up economic activity in the seven country region of Central America. The city and the citizens of Uvita will own the bank, funded with a $20b initial capitalization from Pantaisa City of Light Bank. Using fractional lending the bank creates $200b of loans at a rate of 0% interest in return for up to 49% equity of the invested businesses.  The loan portfolio may look something like this.

The Sea Angel Resort in Uvita is just one of the healing modalities available for visiting guests. Sea Angel Resort incorporates wild dolphins in a therapeutic setting to help individuals with PTSD, Autism, ADHD, as well as birthing centers to enhance the IQ of new born infants.

Sea Angel Hotel                                  $2.2b

Uvita Resort Area Development         $75.8b
Maya Kukulev                                     $32b
Region Development Fund                 $90b
Sister Bank                                         $20b
Total                                                   $200b



The Maya Kukulev Ultra Speed Transit will bring tourists into the resort city of Uvita, Costa Rica and build up economic activity in the region. The proposed 2,586 km (1,606 miles) high speed maglev known as the Maya Kukulev will connect central american into one large economic corridor. The tracks will be built on 100′ tall plyons and utilize a mix of Maglev, Hyperloop, Searle generator technologies. Speeds would average at 650kph (400mph) and service Guatemala City, San Salvador, Tegucigalpa, San Jose, Uvita, and Panama City.

Costs are roughly $20 million a mile or $32 billion dollars at a price of $1,852 per individual in the population served. Its construction will reduce the time of transportation between cities 90%, reduce the cost of transit between cities 64%, raise economic activity, and unite the people. Business productivity can increase significantly due new markets of commerce becoming available. The prices of goods will drop making items that where previously unaffordable now within reach of millions of people. Tourists can spend less time traveling and more time spending money in the region. Increased economic activity will trickle down to everyone creating political stability to the region.

Regional Development Fund

A $90b regional development fund is designed to fund entrepreneurs. Business plans will be submitted and funded at 0% in exchange for no more then 49% of the equity. Dividends on the whole $200b estimated to be 0.5% bringing in $500m annually. The bank will be solely owned by each person living in Uvita, with one share going to each of the 72,000 projected populace. $200 million will go to the city government to elimination taxation, and the other $300 million will be paid out in a debit card dividend of $4,166 dollars annually. The portfolio will grow 7.5% annually and in 20 years this dividend would rise to $17,696 per person.

This is just a small example of what could be done. If the bank could access initial capitalization funding in excess of $20t creating $200t in loans then we might even be able to raise central america out of poverty within this lifetime. Here is a chart of what could be done at this funding level.


Country               Sq Miles                            Population       GDP Per Person  Dividend Per Person
 Belize 22,966 334,297 $4,602               $2,309
 Costa Rica 51,100 4,695,942 $10,432  $            $2,309
 El Salvador 21,040 6,108,590 $3,875  $            $2,309
 Guatemala 108,890 14,373,472 $3,512  $            $2,309
 Honduras 112,090 8,448,465 $2,323  $            $2,309
 Nicaragua 130,373 5,788,531 $1,839  $            $2,309
 Panama 78,200 3,559,408 $10,838  $            $2,309
Total 524,659 43,308,705 $5,346  $            $2,309

city of light logo davao

We will lease a area near Davao City, Philippines to create another wellness city of the future for Asian populations. Featuring Nevana Hotel, Pantasia-Asia Theme Park, integrated healing systems and a massive hyperloop network connecting the Philippine island chain together.

The Philippines has 100 million people. To bring them to a first world nation we would need to pump atleast $1 trillion USD into the economy. This could be done by giving the Pilipino govt a $100 billion gift to create its own bank which would fractionally lend $1T out 0% interest loans in exchange for 49% of businesses created requiring most of the funding to be microloans under 2.5M USD. This will ensure the funding stimulates the economy and not wasted on nepotism and corruption. From this $1T they could build a hyperloop connecting the islands.

To receive this “gift”, they would agree to allow a 240 year lease agreement to rent out a part of their territory to create the sovereign nation of Pantasia; which will incorporate 0% tax rates across the board funded with its own bank that provides stimulating business loans under same terms as the Pilipino bank.

Pantasia-Asia will serve as a mecca for alternative health and technology as well as cybernetic governance and create a revenue model which eliminates poverty and funding to replicate this model all over the world. At the end of 240 years the city will return back to the Philippines.

A Filipino hyperlloop would serve a population of 65 million people. The pods would travel at 580MPH for a maximum network length of 1,240 miles. Estimated price of $43 Billion USD. These projects will help raise the Philippines out of poverty and bring a sense of national pride and unity to a area divided by dialects, religions, and water.


city of light Peary

Northern rim of Peary Crater, close to the north pole, Moon $1.2 Trillion

Our most ambitious project yet, a 25,000 acre domed city on the Northern rim of Peary crater, close to the north pole, Moon. This location is in near-constant sunlight and not far from suspected stores of water ice. Permanently sunlit areas would provide crucial solar energy for any future Moon settlement.

Unlike Earth, whose extreme tilt causes seasons, the Moon’s rotational axis is almost perfectly upright, deviating just 1.5 percent from the main plane of the solar system that extends outward from the Sun’s belly. On Earth, summer means constant sunlight at the North Pole, and winter plunges the Arctic into permanent darkness. But on the Moon, theorists have long suspected there might be high points from which the Sun is always visible.

Because the Moon has virtually no atmosphere, temperatures fluctuate wildly from day to night, from about 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 Celsius) to minus 292 Fahrenheit (-180 Celsius) near the equator. Scientists have estimated that temperatures on any possible permanently lit spot would be comparatively balmy, though still a frigid minus 58 Fahrenheit (-50 Celsius), give or take a little.The Peary crater, created long ago by the impact of an asteroid, is about 45 miles (73 kilometers) wide.

The biggest expense to lunar settlement is the enormous transit costs of getting to the moon , but once a base of operations and environmental containment structures are established the cost of building the facilities would similar to earth based projects.

LunarColonyRawlings650 dn7263-1_800