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On behalf of Healing Soul Survivors, INC non-profit organization based in Florida and North Carolina. I am writing you to urge you to donate funds so that we can continue operations. As a genuine 501c3 nonprofit organization we can accept tax deductible gifts and grants from private donors and foundation funding. We are currently pursuing four programs; Veterans Repair Shield, a meditation program to reduce PTSD for veterans; Light the World, a meditation program to reduce aggression of children in high risk neighborhoods; Luteia Center, a meditation center in Sarasota , Florida; and funding for Super Soldier Talk continued operations.

These operations do not come cheap. We are specifically seeking donations to fund a grant writer to help us access additional funding. Typically, grant writers require $1000 per grant request and generally do not work on contingency. We are seeking donations of $100 or more but if you are only able to give $5 we will still highly appreciate your support.

Additionally, if you like to volunteer your time to help us access grant funding please contact us. We already have some grant templates prepared , but need volunteers to donate their time to solicit foundations for funding. Serious offers only please.

If you like to donate real estate to help fund a meditation center in Sarasota, Florida. please click here. Any support will be highly appreciated by us. If you have any queries please feel free to contact us.


Yours Faithfully,





James Rink, CEO, Healing Soul Survivors, Inc. 501c3

Your secure PayPal cash donations are fully tax deductible!