Healing Soul Survivor Center

Healing Soul Survivors is pleased to announce our joint venture with TRUC Home Healthcare Services a state licensed non medical home healthcare staffing service that’s qualified to deliver nursing, therapeutic, rehabilitation and complex care services to underprivileged elderly, disabled veterans, and families who otherwise could not afford assisted living home care.

The Healing Soul Survivor Center located in Charlotte, NC will serve at risk populations effected by PTSD with meditation and stress relief techniques to help our clients make a faster transition into the workforce in the same facility in which TRUC Home Healthcare Services providing our clients Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy . Together we are partnering with other healthcare providers within the community, families and friends, and DHHS of Michigan to create customized home care services that promote independence, well-being, dignity and quality of life.

More about this program TBA at a later date.

Pilot Program Grant Request: $250,000

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