Super Soldier Talk

Part of our outreach program is to bring community awareness of different venues of trauma. To fix something requires us to learn about it first; which is why supporting Super Soldier Talk is very important in the truth disclosure movement. Funding is being requested to maintain operations and script write and film a two hour documentary about the Secret Space Program, “Secret Insiders of the Secret Space Program”

A Super Soldier is a individual who has been augmented in some way for military applications , this could be genetic, nano, or etherically. Not all vets are super soldiers and not all super soldiers are vets. These individuals have a common characterization of extremely traumatic memories and other worldly experiences. Focus is to document these stories  to validate their credibility and bring awareness to a topic which is  often considered too taboo to talk about.

1. Studio Space and Design
2. Script Writers, Animation, and Graphic Artists
3. Videography equipment and software
4. Production Crew
5. Regression and RV Techs
6. Polygraph, Lab, and Medical Testing
7. Travel Expenditures
8. Website and Internet Hosting
9. Program Operational Costs



Program Grant Request: $35,000

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