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lutiealogoLuteia Holographic Virtual Reality Center incorporates immersed environments, meditation, and alternate states of consciousness to reduce trauma, integrate the human biofield, and accelerate human intelligence. The proposed location in Sarasota, Florida will contain a 15 acre campus featuring a 65,000 square foot high tech business incubator, research facility , educational labs, and free meditation labs available to the public set amongst beautifully landscaped lakes, live oaks, and gardens.

Projected Project Cost: $30M

Phase I – Year 1

Land Acquisition 

Purchase 15 acres of land which would be enough for future campus expansion projects at a price of $300,000.

Phase II –  Year 2

Incubator Endowment

To help monetize the project, a portion of the project will be partially commercialized. Raise a $4M endowment to help fund High-Tech startups in the emerging human consciousness field of research which includes AI-Human cybernetics, biometrics, virtual reality, and intelligence acceleration holography . Luteia center will own stock holder equity for earnings retention when companies mature.

Phase II – Year 3

Campus Construction 

62,000 sqft campus built at a price of $21.2M ($343/sqft * 62,000/sqft) raised from foundation, government, and private donors.

Main Campus featuring:

High Tech Business Incubator

Square footage will be provided for new business startups.

Research Facility

Labs will be available to high-tech incubators for research purposes

Education Labs

Education Center will allow a place for local corporate businesses to educate and train the next generation of scientists and engineers in the growing field of human consciousness.

Meditation Labs

Free Meditation Labs and some Paid VR labs will be provided to the public during operating hours to provide community outreach and educate the public on the possibilities of the new emerging technologies.

Phase III – Year 5

Crystal Hologram Public Garden

Installation of outdoor amphitheater for celebrations, crystal gardens, lasers holograms , and frequencies generators to aid in the integration of the human consciousness.

We are currently seeking government funding, foundations, angel investors, and or wealthy philanthropists to be part of this project. Please contact us to learn more about the project.



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