Super Soldier Talk Pilot Series


Part of our outreach program is to bring community awareness of different venues of trauma. To fix something requires us to learn about it first; which is why supporting Super Soldier Talk is very important in the alternative field of research.

Program Grant Request: $60,000

A Super Soldier is a individual who has been augmented in some way for military applications , this could be genetic, nano, or etherically. Not all vets are super soldiers and not all super soldiers are vets. These individuals have a common characterization of extremely traumatic memories and other worldly experiences. Focus is to document these stories  to validate their credibility and bring awareness to a topic which is  often considered too taboo to talk about.

Funding is needed to script write and film a pilot series which would be used as a pilot series to promote syndication for cable or television production.

Funding requested for:

1. Studio Space and Design
2. Script Writters
3. Videography equipment and software
4. Production Crew
5. Travel Expenditures
6. Program Operational Costs

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