Veterans Repair Shield

Veterans Repair Shield is a Florida based operation which educates Veterans in meditation. Meditation cubes will be provided for Veteran Run meditation groups free of use.  If you like to volunteer a space and or time for this satellite program send us a email. Pilot Program Grant Request: $10,000 Your secure PayPal cash donations are […]

Light The World

Light the World is a youth school  meditation program designed to release trauma, increase creativity and academic performance, and to give youth a sense of self esteem and empowerment. Target focus is after school programs and in school detention halls. Pilot Program Grant Request: $130,000 Evidence: Research has shown meditation in schools reduces tardiness, violence, […]

Luteia Center

  Luteia Holographic Virtual Reality Center incorporates immersed environments, meditation, and alternate states of consciousness to reduce trauma, integrate the human biofield, and accelerate human intelligence. The proposed location in Sarasota, Florida will contain a 15 acre campus featuring a 65,000 square foot high tech business incubator, research facility , educational labs, and free meditation labs available […]

Super Soldier Talk Pilot Series

Part of our outreach program is to bring community awareness of different venues of trauma. To fix something requires us to learn about it first; which is why supporting Super Soldier Talk is very important in the alternative field of research. Program Grant Request: $60,000 A Super Soldier is a individual who has been augmented […]

Healing Soul Survivors Mission Statement

Healing Soul Survivors was established in 2013 as a national advocacy and research organization to provide new methods of assisting in the recovery of veterans and soul survivors suffering from the horrors of PTSD. A portion of our proceeds are donated to assist veterans with PTSD….We are not actively conducting any research, however, we support organizations […]